Kahr P380 Holsters

Since the early 1990’s, Kahr Arms has been a leader in the concealable handgun market. They make very innovative, small, light, easily concealable handguns that are chambered in such popular calibers as .45 ACP, .40, and 9mm. Kahr’s weapons are popular with civilian concealed carry permit holders as well as law enforcement officers. Many of their handguns have been approved for carry by such prestigious agencies as the NYPD  the Chicago Police Department.

Kahr P380 holster

Finding a holster for the Kahr P380 can be challenging. Even though this gun is surging in popularity, finding a good holster is still a little challenging. While there are a few manufacturers that are making holsters for the P380, many of the major manufacturers do not yet have holsters that are specifically designed for the P380.

Kahr P380 in pocket holster

As with many of the pocket .380’s, when most owners choose a P380 holster, they choose a pocket holster.  (A pocket holster is how I carry mine.) I have talked to a few other owners that use an inside the waistband holster for their Kahr P380, that is certainly a good choice as well.

The Kahr P380 makes a great concealed carry gun due to its width of only 0.75 of an inch. It’s a gun that will not be a pain to carry and won’t dictate what you wear in order to conceal it. The P380 loaded with 7 rounds of weighs just about 13 ounces. Carried in a proper holster, the P380 will feel like you are carrying nothing at all.

Here are a few Kahr holsters that are ready to ship now.

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