Bianchi Holsters

Founded in 1958 by Southern California police officer John Bianchi, Bianchi Holsters has become a leader in the civilian and law enforcement marketplace. They produce a number of excellent holster lines for the following uses:

  • Concealed carry
  • Duty or law enforcement
  • Competitive shooting
  • Ballistic nylon line


Interestingly enough, when John Bianchi first started making holsters, he had a business partner who would later leave Bianchi to start the Safariland line. When Bianchi first started out, he focused on making off duty carry holsters for his fellow law enforcement officers. Seeing a viable need for his skills, he started producing holsters commercially.  Although Bianchi first focused on leather, they also manufacture holsters from other materials like ballistic nylon and thermoplastics.

Some of their most popular models include the AccuMold nylon line, military M-12 series, and the 5BH and 5BHL models for concealed carry.


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